KÖBO+KTB founded in 1894, is a combination of KÖBO, KTB, Koening Fissenwert, Gieselberg and Schomacker. They manufacture in both Germany and Poland. KÖBO+KTB's use of modern equipment guarantees the highest efficiency in design, manufacture and development for industries such as Steel production, Food & Beverages, Timber & Paper and Mining, Cement & Raw material.

KÖBO+KTB chain stands the strain even though the most arduous conditions including mechanical, thermal and chemical environments. The use of specific heat and corrosion resistant materials along with their constant innovation means that KÖBO+KTB is a brand that can be relied upon to have a chain for every application.

We have been a KÖBO+KTB distributor since our foundation in 1998 allowing us forge an excellent long term partnership with KÖBO+KTB and consequently providing excellent quality products and a great customer experience to all of our customers.


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