If you're looking for Linear Guide systems, Linear Modules, Needle and Taper Roller Bearings, as well as Rod Ends and Adjustable Nuts then Nadella is the right Company for you! This is because Nadella is an absolute specialist in mechanical motion technology and offers excellent quality in terms of products, know-how and service. You can rely on Nadella's experience and expertise in many areas of mechanical engineering and automation technology to benefit your application.

Linear Guide Systems:

With their own "Nadella Linear" product range, Nadella can offer you simple and economical solutions for light and heavy load applications.

Linear Module:

The precision of its running properties means that this compact modular system enables you to implement innovative motion concepts.

Rod Ends:

The Nadella range encompasses floating and roller mounted high performance rod ends for use at high speeds, wide slewing angles or rotating movements under simultaneous high load applications.

Adjusting nuts:

There is no alternative to these adjusting and tensioning nuts from Nadella. They are used whenever mechanical elements need to be set precisely in combination with strong and securing positioning.

Occasionally you will find that the Nadella Catalogue contains a product that fits perfectly into your design with the exception of one small detail, be it a fillet radius, a surface finish or something even more obscure. There may also be occasions when you require testing and pre-assembly of subassemblies in order to incorporate a finished product into your concept. If any of these examples arise, Nadella are equipped and ready to respond to your requirements. Customer specific parts are something which Nadella has always specialised in; from application analysis through technical support to the capacities for metal processing and finishing procedures. Add to this Nadella's highly efficient logistical operations and you have a company which is capable of handling short, specialised manufacturing runs both quickly and economically.



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