The synergies resulting from the NTN Europe / SNR combination increased the groups presence in the industrial market making them the third largest bearing manufacturer in the world and further increasing their strength in Europe.

Now together as a single group, the NTN and SNR brands are making the most of their synergies, technologically, geographically, industrially and commercially. The goup's single core philosophy is of introducing new technology and constantly innovating to deliver enhanced customer satisfaction. NTN-SNR is well positioned to offer any type of technical / economic solutions from the most standard to the more specific including, Motorisation, transmission (power & movement), linear motion, rotation and more.

The NTN-SNR group have built a solid expertise in 8 industrial markets: wind turbines, construction, railways, machine tools, electric motors and pumps, agriculture, transmission & textiles. That expertise and service combined with their wide range of products and logisitics are among some of NTN-SNR's greatest assests.

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