• Exol ExcelFluid EPX Hi Pressure Cutting Fluid S024D00 (25Ltr)

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EXCELFLUIDEPX/25L-EXExcelFluid EPX Hi Pressure Cutting Fluid
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EXCELFLUIDGP/25L-EXOExcelFluid GP Metalworking Fluid
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EXCELFLUIDNP/25L-EXOExcelFluid Soluble Machining Fluid NP
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EXCELGRINDXL/25L-EXOExcelGrind XL Grinding Fluid 25L S023D00
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EXCELGUARD504/25L-EXExcelGuard 504 WD Fluid
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Excelfluid EPX is a water-soluble, semi synthetic, biostable extreme pressure cutting fluid for arduous machining operations on ferrous and non-ferrous materials. It is manufactured using good levels of mineral oil, which ensure good machine tool lubrication and corrosion protection. The advanced emulsifier package used in Excelfluid EPX offers improved wetting characteristics which allows for excellent work piece visibility. The boron biostable performance additives offer excellent resistance to bacterial proliferation and very high levels of extreme pressure and lubricity additives show many advantages in terms of surface finish and tool life. Excelfluid EPX is suitable for heavy duty machining on high tensile ferrous materials, aluminium alloys and other non-ferrous materials. It should be recommended when conventional fluids have proved incapable of providing the required performance on these materials. It is also suitable for centralised and CNC machining.

Excelfluid GP is a biostable, semi-synthetic water-mix metalworking fluid. Although not designed as an extreme pressure type fluid it does provide machining capabilities way beyond those normally associated with fluids which do not contain EP additives. This therefore means that Excelfluid GP is able to cope with materials with widely differing machining characteristics from cast iron through aluminium to stainless steel. It is low foaming, has excellent wetting properties and is highly biostable.

Excelfluid NP is a general purpose chlorine free soluble oil forming a milky emulsion. It is suitable for a wide range of non-arduous machining operations on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials where a cost effective, general purpose coolant is required. It demonstrates improved sump life over more conventional soluble oils and provides a high degree of machine tool lubrication.

Excelgrind XL is a water soluble, fully synthetic, nitrite free grinding fluid for ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Its innovative fluidity package offers excellent wetting and wheel flushing characteristics and it will not foam even under the most severe circumstances. It offers excellent work piece visibility and is highly resistant to bacterial and fungal degradation. Excelgrind XL is suitable for all cylindrical grinding and surface grinding on low and medium tensile ferrous and non-ferrous materials including cast iron.

Excelguard 504 is a solvent deposited water displacing corrosion preventative. Excelguard 504 is a blend of dewatering agents, corrosion inhibitors, hydrocarbon mineral oils, synthetic sulphonates and hydrocarbon solvents. It offers medium to long term protection of ferrous and aluminium alloy components. It leaves a thick oily anti corrosion film when applied. It is ideally suited to inter-process protection after machining.