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Selflube Ball Bearing Units

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Ball Bearing Units (BBU), also known as 'Self Lube' bearings, provide simple and effective bearing arrangements capable of accomodating moderate initial misalignment from mounting errors. They are easily mounted onto commercial shafting and are particularly useful where fabricated machine frames are employed. The reliability, simplicity and ease of assembly of this range has resulted in their popularity for agricultural, mining and construction machinery as well as process and automation equipment. Signet Indutrial Distribution Ltd stock a vast range of KOYO, RHP and SNR/NTN bearing units, delivering solutions for every application.

  • Pillow Block Units

    Pillow Block Units

  • UCPX06-20J-KOYO

    Medium Duty Pillow Block Units

  • UCP305J-KOYO

    Heavy Duty Pillow Block Units


    Tapped Base Pillow Block Units

  • Pressed Steel Pillow Block Units

    Pressed Steel Pillow Block Units

  • UCF201J-KOYO

    Square Flanged Units

  • Medium Duty Square Flanged Unit

    Medium Duty Square Flanged Unit

  • UCF305J-KOYO

    Heavy Duty Square Flanged Units


    Heavy Duty Square Flanged Unit with Spigot


    Rhombic Pressed Steel Flange Units

  • Light Duty Rhombic Units

    Light Duty Rhombic Units

  • UFL000J-KOYO

    Compact Rhombic Flanged Units


    Rhombic Unit


    Heavy Duty Rhombic Units


    Adjustable Rhombic Flange Units

  • UCT202J-KOYO

    Take-Up Units


    Medium Duty Take-Up Units

  • UCT311J-KOYO

    Heavy Duty Take-Up Units

  • UC201-KOYO

    Bearing Inserts - Set Screw

  • 12mm Flat Back Bearing Insert

    Flat Back Bearing Insert - Set Screw Locking

  • UK205-KOYO

    Tapered Bore Bearing Inserts

  • UK307-KOYO

    Heavy Duty Tapered Bore Bearing Inserts

  • UCX05-KOYO

    Medium Duty Bearing Inserts

  • UC305-KOYO

    Heavy Series Bearing Inserts - Set Screw

  • SBPF201-KOYO

    Round Pressed Steel Flange Units


    Hanger Units

  • UCC201J-KOYO

    Cartridge Units


    Three-Bolt Flanged Units


    High Centerheight Pillow Block Units


    Round Spigot Unit


    Heavy Duty Round Spigot Unit


    Medium Duty Rhombic Units