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Optibelt SK Wedge Industrial Belts
The best materials and advanced production methods result in this high performance drive element, the Optibelt SK wedge belt. It transmits substantially more power than classic V-belts with a comparable belt width. The wrapped wedge belt has the outstanding attributes of the Optibelt SK S = C Plus with an efficiency of almost 97% and is suitable for use in sets without additional measurement.

Optibelt Red Power Wedge Industrial Belts
The next generation of RED POWER 3 S=C Plus V-belts and kraftbands produces results that are really worth talking about: up to 50% higher performance while at the same time cutting costs by up to 35%! These excellent results are due to optimised production processes and continuous improvements to raw materials.

Dunlop 'White Flash' V and Wedge Industrial Belts
Dunlop 'White Flash' Belts are manufactured using a combination of Natural and Styrene Butadiene Rubber. Dunlop 'White Flash' belts offer the perfect combination of quality, performance and price. This range of belts represents an affordable solution for transmission systems within all Industrial and Domestic environments.