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Dunlop 'White Flash' V-Belts

Dunlop 'White Flash' V Belts are manufactured using a combination of Natural and Styrene Butadiene Rubber. The HMLS tensile cords deliver high performance and are characterised by high levels of length stability for the duration of the belt's life. Below 1500mm the belts come in single envelope construction whilst belts of greater lengths are supplied as double envelope construction.

Dunlop 'White Flash' belts offer the perfect combination of quality, performance and price. This range of belts represents an affordable solution for transmission systems within all Industrial and Domestic environments.


  • Z15-WHT-DUN

    Z Section V-Belt (10mm Top Width)

  • A100-WHT-DUN

    A Section V-Belts (13mm Top Width)

  • B100-WHT-DUN

    B Section V-Belt (17mm Top Width)

  • C100-WHT-DUN

    C Section V-Belt (22mm Top Width)

  • D104-WHT-DUN

    D Section V-Belt (32mm Top Width)