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Optibelt Red Power Wedge Belts

The next generation of RED POWER 3 S=C Plus V-belts and kraftbands produces results that are really worth talking about: up to 50% higher performance while at the same time cutting costs by up to 35%! These excellent results are due to optimised production processes and continuous improvements to raw materials.

• Maintenance-Free • Powerful • Cost-effective • S=C Plus usable in sets • Environmentally friendly • Electrically conductive according to ISO 1813 • Oil-resistant • Heat-resistant • Dust-protected as standard

  • SPZ1202RP-OPTI

    SPZ (10mm Top Width)

  • SPA1207RP-OPTI

    SPA (13mm Top Width)

  • SPB1250RP-OPTI

    SPB (16mm Top Width)

  • SPC2000RP-OPTI

    SPC (22mm Top Width)