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Optibelt SK Wedge Belts

The wrapped Optibelt SK wedge belt was developed with mechanical engineering in mind. The use of the best materials and the most advanced production methods result in this high performance drive element, the optibelt SK wedge belt. The production processes are continuously monitored using state-of-the-art static and dynamic testing devices. ​It transmits substantially more power than classic V-belts with a comparable belt width. The wrapped wedge belt has the outstanding attributes of the Optibelt SK S = C Plus with an efficiency of almost 97% and is suitable for use in sets without additional measurement.

• Substantially lower width compared to classic V-belt drives that have the same power rating (height to width ratio of approximately 1 : 1.2). Due to the available space gained by this, the costs for a complete drive with optibelt SK high performance wedge belts are lower than a design with DIN.2215 V-belts • Bigger friction surface lowers the centrifugal force and permits belt speeds of up to 42 m/sec • Much more elastic, therefore bigger flex rate allowed • Little deformation of the belt cross-section when running in grooves, therefore balanced pressure on the belt edges.

  • SPZ487-OPTI

    SPZ (10mm Top Width)

  • SPA732-OPTI

    SPA (13mm Top Width)

  • SPB1250-OPTI

    SPB (16mm Top Width)

  • SPC2000-OPTI

    SPC (22mm Top Width)