BETEX Specialist Tools

BETEX Specialist Tools

BETEX® is a brand of Bega International, manufacturing equipment for cost-effective mounting & dismounting of bearings & transmission components. These tools are specially designed to be solution providers in Industrial applications as diverse as power generation, rail, mining & metals processing. The Betex range includes induction heaters, hydraulic pullers, mechanical pullers, impact fitting tools & hydraulic equipment incorporating pumps, cylinders & spreaders.

Mounting: Tools for damage-free assembly & disassembly of bearings, couplings, sprockets, gear wheels, bushings, bearing rings, etc. Correct assembly improves the life of your machines & production. Use of appropriate tools will improve the quality of production. This affects machine downtimes & loss of production.

Dismounting: Disassemble any bearings, couplings, rings, etc. in no time. Mechanical & hydraulic pullers, 2 or 3 jaw pullers; external, internal, blind, reversible, heavy-duty. The self-centring series provide great user convenience. The HP & HSP hydraulic pullers have a built-in pump & cylinder, making them suitable for limited space.

Hydraulics: Professional hydraulics for industrial use. Maximum standard operating pressure is 700 bar standard. High-pressure hand pumps are available in 1000, 1500 & 2800 bar Compatible with major international brands. The products are produced & tested according to international standards ISO 9001-2008

Alignment & Monitoring: Measuring equipment for: vibrations, temperature, noise, alignment. You can determine a trend by taking regular measurements & allows you to plan maintenance to prevent unplanned maintenance. Proper alignment of your machinery is the basis for preventing damage.