BETEX Fixture Laser Kit

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780328-BETEXFixturLaser Laser Kit shaft alignment
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Fixturlaser LASER KIT Shaft alignment system
The Laser Kit consists of two wireless sensor units utilizing two line lasers. The use of line lasers simplifies the setup process minimizing setup time. To make it even easier the sensors comes pre-mounted on its fixtures and pre-set to the most common setup. The software runs on a tablet, or phone, guiding the user through the entire alignment process. The user interface is entirely graphical and uses no text, no language barriers to overcome. The software leaves you without any doubt how your machine is aligned and when your job is completed. Reporting is automatic and contains all relevant information. The Fixturelaser Laser Kit was designed to be used with the free Laser Kit App.


  • Adaptive User Interface
  • VertiZontal Moves
  • Pre-mounted sensors
  • Auto Connection via Bluetooth

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Technical specifications - Laser Kit Complete system:
Case   1 pcs. Fixturlaser M5
Weight incl all parts 2,75 kg 1 pcs. Fixturlaser S5
Dimensions 357 x 305 x 96 mm (14.1 x 12 x 3.8 in) 2 pcs. V-bracket complete with chain
Display resolution 0.01 mm 1 pcs. Tape measure 5m
Sensor units:   1 pcs. Power supply 1 USB port 5 VDC
Weight 156 g 1 pcs. Capble Y-splitter USB A micro B
Dimensions (lxwxh) 139 x 79 x 40 mm 1 pcs. Rod tool
Measurement distance 70 mm - 850 mm (2,7 in - 2,8 ft)  
Detector PSD (single axis)  
Detector area 8,5 x 0,9 mm (0,3x0,04 in)  
Measurement accuracy 3% +/- 0,01 mm  
Inclinometer accuracy +/-2°  
Wireless communication Bluetooth transceiver with multi-drop capability  
Shaft brackets:    
Shaft diameter Ø30-150 mm  
Rods 2 pieces 150 mm