BETEX Fixyurlaser NXA Pro

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780348-BETEXFixturLaser NXA PRO shaft alignment
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Fixturlaser NXA Pro - Shaft alignment system

A revolution in shaft alignment as well as a revolution in usability with the Fixturlaser NXA Pro - a digital laser based shaft alignment system! The Fixturlaser NXA Pro aims to provide the user with a fast and simple operation, as well as having access to advanced functions and capabilities, such as the OmniView and the VertiZontal Moves, and probably the best power management system in the market place.


Omniview: 6,5" transreflective display with icons and symbols to guide, no text involved- Gyroscope- VertiZontal Moves, Measure Once, Move in 2 Directions- Integrated Bluetooth- Power management system, 10 hours continuous battery operating time and express charge display- Display unit: 8 hours battery time, continuous use. Sensorunit: min. 24 hours- CCD sensor technology- Live values during adjustment- IP65 classified (Dust tight and protected against water jets)- Very compact sensor units 33,5 mm in width, they fit in the tightest spots.

Complete system:

1 Fixturlaser NXA Display unit, 2 Sensor units (1 receiver M3, 1 transmitter S3), 2 Complete shaft-brackets, 2 Magnetic shaft-bracket, 1 Magnetic base, 1 Extension fixture, 1 Fixturlaser NXA USB stick, 1 Rod kit, 1 Fixturlaser NXA-power supply, 1 Chain 8 mm, 60 links, 1 Tape measure 5 m, 2 Angled universal tool, 1 manual Fixturlaser NXA.

Technical specifications - NXA Pro  
Display unit:  
Weight 1,2 kg (2,6 lbs) with battery
Dimensions 124 x 158 x 49 mm (4,9 x 6,2 x 1,9 in)
Display size 6,5" (165 mm) diagonal (133 x 100mm)
Environmental protection IP 65 (Dust tight and protected against water jets)
Gyroscope 6-Axis MEMS Inertial Motion Sensor with drift compensation and automatic field calibration
Operating time 10 hours continuous use (with 50% LCD backlight)
Battery charging time 1 hour charge - 6 hours operating time
TD units:  
Weight M3 212 g (7,5 oz) S3 188 g (6,6 oz)
Dimensions 92 x 77 x 33 mm (3,6 x 3,0 x 1,3 in)
Measurement distance Up to 10 m
Detector 2nd generation Ultra HD CCD
Detector length / resolution 30 mm (1,2 in) / 0,04 mils
Measurement accuracy 0,3% +/- 1 digit(0,3% +/- 0,27 mils)
Gyroscope /Envirm.protect. See display unit
Operating time 17 hours continuous use (measuring)
Shaft brackets: Shaft diameter Ø20-450 mm (3/4" - 18in)
Rods 4 pieces 85 + 4 pcs 160 mm (extendable to 245 mm)
Weight incl all parts 7,7kg (17 lbs)
Dimensions 415 mm x 325 mm x 180 mm (16 x 13 x 7 in)