A universal range of mechanical and hydraulic dismantling tools designed for use in multiple different environments and applications. From small, hand held mechanical pullers to mobile, crane mounted hydraulic pullers providing up to 150Tons of tractive force, you can be sure BETEX has the tool for YOUR job!

  • 798250-BETEX

    BETEX-MSP Series Self Centering Mechanical Pullers

  • 4900011-BETEX

    BETEX KZZ Key Drawer

  • 046000-BETEX

    BETEX 46 2 Arm Puller

  • 047100-BETEX

    BETEX 47 Special 2 Arm Puller

  • 048060-BETEX

    BETEX 48/49 2/2 Bearing Splitters and Pullers

  • 052130-BETEX

    BETEX 52 Self Centering 3 Arm Pullers

  • 054009-BETEX

    BETEX 54 2 Arm Pullers

  • 056220-BETEX

    BETEX 56 Internal 4 Arm Puller

  • 500630-BETEX

    BETEX-Shaft Protectors

  • 062105-BETEX

    BETEX 62 Internal Expander/Puller

  • 791000-BETEX

    BETEX-HP Series 2/3 Arm Pullers with Integrated Pump & Cylinder

  • 791500-BETEX

    BETEX-HSP Series 2/3 Arm Self Centering Pullers with Int Pump & Cylinder