BETEX-Tri-Section Plates

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791160-BETEXTri-section plate STP 3-160
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791210-BETEXTri-section plate STP 3-210
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791340-BETEXTri-section plate STP 3-340
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791495-BETEXTri-section plate STP 3-495
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TheseTri-section plates are specially designed to be used in conjunction with the BETEX three-armed pullers. The unique and patented swivel design creates maximum spread and applies even force at the most efficient point. The plates grip behind the inner and outer rings of the bearing, preventing the pulling force from being transmitted through the moving parts, minimising the risk of damage to the bearing.


  • The Tri-section plate's unique design ensures the application of force at the most efficient point - the inner ring and outer ring together - and thereby requires less force for removal than required if only pulling on the outer ring.
  • The firm grip behind a bearing's inner and outer rings ensures that the pulling forces are not transmitted through the moving parts, preventing damage to the bearing.
  • Most parts are forged SCM440 alloy steel, creating a very safe and durable product.


  • The patented swivel design creates a bigger spread than all other splitters, resulting in considerable cost savings.
  • The unique design creates the most efficient and convenient system covering common shaft sizes.
  • Eliminates the need for extra accessories, reducing future costs.

The Tri-section plate series consist of 3 different sizes of tri-section plates that are suitable for shafts of maximum Ø ranging from 26 to 495mm (1" to 19.5").

Suitable for the following pullers: Tri-section 160: HP/HSP43,63; Tri-section 210: HP/HSP63,83; Tri-section 340: HP/HSP/HXP 83,123,203,HPP123; Tri-section 495: HP/HSP/HXP203,303

Type Cap.ton Available shaft diameter
A1 mm A2 mm
Max. spreadmm Weightkg
Tri section 160 6 26 160 216 3.5
Tri section 210 8 50 210 280 5.5
Tri section 340 20 90 340 460 18
Tri section 495 30 140 495 660 45