Tools for damage-free assembly (and disassembly) of bearings, couplings, sprockets, gear wheels, bushings, bearing rings, etc. Correct assembly improves the life of your machines and production. Use of appropriate tools will improve the quality of production. This affects machine downtimes and loss of production. When equipment fails, then it is important that technicians have the proper tools, in order to effectively carry out repairs.

Why use Induction Heating? - Induction heating is a swift, controlled and superior method of heating. It is a safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional heating methods such as ovens, oil baths or blow torches. These methods cause smoke, fumes and oil waste which are hazardous for personal health and safety.

Not just for Bearings! - Highly versatile, BETEX® induction heaters can be used in conjunction with many assemblies including gear wheels, bushes and couplings. Using Best Practice mounting methods extends bearing life, whilst balanced and consistent heating prevents any damage and allows retention of the original lubricant.

High Levels of Energy Efficiency - Induction heating is a far more energy efficient process than the older traditional methods and all BETEX® induction heaters will deliver substantial energy savings. The advantage of the TURBO series over the Standard series is that larger components can be heated in a relatively short time without any increase in energy consumption.

  • Betex BLF200 Bearing Heater Bega


    BLF 200 230V Induction Heater 5 Yokes

    £1299.00 excl. VAT

  • BLF 201 Bearing Heater 230V BETEX Induction heater


    BLF 201 230V Induction Heater 3 Yokes

    £1599.00 excl. VAT

  • SLF 301 230V BETEX Induction Bearing Heater


    SLF 301 230V Induction Heater 3 Yokes

    £1999.00 excl. VAT

  • BLF 202 230V BETEX Induction Bearing Heater


    BLF 202 230V Induction Heater 2 Yokes

    £1899.00 excl. VAT

  • SLF 302 230V BETEX Induction Heater


    SLF 302 230V Induction Heater 2 Yokes


  • BLF 203 230V BETEX Induction Heater


    BLF 203 230V Induction Heater 2 Yokes


  • SLF 303 230V BETEX Induction Heater


    SLF 303 230V Induction Heater 2 Yokes


  • Handheld Induction Heater BETEX Ductor 1

    BETEX-iDuctor 1

  • BETEX iDuctor 2 Portable Handheld Induction Heater

    BETEX-iDuctor 2

  • BETEX CHU Series Cone Heater 120V

    BETEX-Cone Heater

  • BETEX 24 XLDi Portable 120-230V-50/60Hz


  • BETEX 40 RSD(m) TURBO Induction Heater - 400V/450V/500V-50/60Hz


  • BETEX 38 ZFD Induction Heater - 400V/500V/600V 50/60Hz


  • BETEX 40 RMD TURBO Induction Heater - 400V/500V/600V-50/60Hz

    BETEX-40RMD Turbo

  • BETEX SUPER Induction Heater- 400V/500V/600V - 50/60Hz Powerful heater


  • BETEX SUPER TURBO - 400V/500V/600V  50/60Hz  Powerfull heater for maintenance and production.

    BETEX-Super Turbo

  • BETEX Super DL-700 Induction Heater - 400V/500V/600V  50/60Hz

    BETEX Super DL-700

  • BETEX Giant DL-700 Induction Heater 400V/500V/600V - 50/60Hz, 40 kVA

    BETEX Giant DL-700 40kVA

  • BETEX GIANT DL-700 Induction Heater - 400V/500V 50/60Hz 100 kVA

    BETEX Giant DL-700 100kVA

  • BETEX GIANT DL-1000 Induction Heater - 400V/500V 50/60Hz

    BETEX-Giant DL-1000

  • BETEX MF Quick-Heater 2.5 Middle-Frequency technology - 22kW

    BETEX-MF Quick-Heater 22Kw 2.5

  • BETEX MF Quick-Heater 2.5 Middle-Frequency technology - 44kW

    BETEX-MF Quick-Heater 44Kw 2.5

  • BETEX Impact 33 & 39 Fitting Tools

    BETEX-Impact 33 & 39 Fitting Tools

  • BETEX Induction Accessories

    BETEX Induction Accessories