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340600-BETEXInd.Htr 40 RSDm TURBO 400V mobile
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340620-US-BETEXInd.Htr 40 RSDm TURBO 600V USA mobile
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340650-BETEXInd.Htr 40 RSD TURBO 400V
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340660-US-BETEXInd.Htr 40 RSD TURBO 500V USA
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340670-US-BETEXInd.Htr 40 RSD TURBO 600V USA
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349999-BETEXTrolley for 40 RSD TURBO
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For suitable Yolks please see BETEX-38ZFD

BETEX 40 RSD(m) TURBO - 400V/450V/500V-50/60Hz. A bench top (RSD) and a mobile (RSDm), easy to use model, including swing arm construction for horizontal heating.

  • Max. temperature 240°C (optional till 350°C)
  • Incl. magnetic probe 240°C (optional till 350°C)
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical heating
  • With digital display
  • Microprocessor controle
  • Automatic demagnetization, better than 2A/cm
  • Extra powerful heater for components up to 350 kg!
  • Ergonomic design for safe operation, handy rotating operating panel
  • Time (0-45min) or temperature preselection (50-240°C)
  • Acoustic signal at the end of each heating cycle
  • Temperature hold
  • Includes supports for maximum support
  • Incl. service kit and CE-manual
  • 3 Years warranty on the electronic unit
  • Excl. packing material / export crate

Optional: Degrees Celcius or Fahrenheit. Equipment comes standard in "°C". If "°F" is required then please indicate when ordering.

Note: Don't forget to select the yoke(s) and export crate.

 - CE  - CSA

Technical specifications
Min. and max. parts size to be heated
Min. bore: 30 mm/Ø160 mm
Max. outside diameter: 790 mm
Max. width: 315 mm
Max. bearing weight: 350 kg
Max. other parts weight 250 kg