TEC Motors

TEC Electric Motors

TEC Motors offer a wealth of knowledge that enables us to make sure you get the right motor for your application. TEC Motors are ideal for all kinds of industrial processing and manufacturing environments including food production, conveyor systems, pumps, compressors and transportation systems.

All TEC Motors are manufactured in line with the new european standards for high effciency (TECA and ECOL design). The motors are totally enclosed, fan cooled, with squirrel cage rotor. Signet Industrial Distribution can supply a large range of TEC Motors supply electric motors with a variety of speeds and power usage ideal for industrial applications which include:

  • Three Phase
  • Single Phase
  • High Efficiency
  • Two Speed
  • Brake Motors
  • Gearboxes & Variators
  • Inverters/Starters
  • Slidebase/Slide rails
  • Special Applications
  • EXD Atex Electric Motors

TEC Motors also supply a range of IE3 premium effciency motors from 7.5 to 375 Kw, obligatory in Europe from 01.01.2015 and from 0,75 to 374 Kw obligatory in Europe from 01.01.2017.

TEC Motors facility has full machining capabilities to take standard stock motors and modify for encoders, retro fit brake units, customer specific shafts, turning, milling welding, shaft pressing - basically anything that can be done at the factory will be available from TEC Motors at a competitive price.

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