Mechanical Power Transmission

No matter what industry you are in we have a power transmission product to suit your needs.

Our range of products include:

  • Sprocket's & Chain
    • We can offer a full range of Chain & Drive products, ranging from simplex to multi strand, from corrosion resistant to special attachment. We work with our manufacturing partners Kobo and Regina to offer engineering solutions and efficiency improvements. We are available to carry out site surveys and offer advice on stock rationalisation, product innovation and product performance improvements. Our aim is to add value to your business not just by being a competitive supplier, but by working in partnership to deliver enhanced process and production synergies.
  • Belts
    • * Wedge Belts, Variable Speed, *Poly V / Multi Rib, Conveying Belts, Timing Belts (*Polyurethane, *Rubber, *Kevlar),* High Torque HTD,* Flat Drive Belts,* Poly Chain,* Profiled PU Belts,* Emergency Link Belt,* Custom Belting
  • Pulleys
    • *Timing Pulleys, HTD Pulleys,* V-Belt (*Aluminium/Cast Iron & *Taper Lock/Pilot Bore),* Variable Speed,* Flat Belt / Idlers
  • Coupling's & Clutches
    • Grid, Tyre, Sprag, Spider, Disc, Pin & Buffer, Offset, Flywheel, Flexible, Gear, Magnetic, Fluid, Universal.

We stock a comprehensive range of these products from Manufactures such Renold, Gates, Optibelt, Megadyne, Regina, Sedis, Kobo, Medway, Challenge & KTR. Through these leading manufactures we are able to offer a solutions for every application.

Contact us if you would like assistance to identify your product, specify an appropriate solution or for general technical information.


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