BETEX Specialist Rail Products

BETEX Specialist Rail Products

BETEX Specialist Rail Products

​Mobile Hydraulic Puller / Installer.

Made specifically for the installation and removal of railway bearings (TBU, SP and TAROL bearing sets). Designed especially with rail and metro workshops in mind, this hydraulic aid will allow you to save valuable time whilst working safely & efficiently. Easy to use, mobile model for both mounting and dismounting of assemblies.

BETEX BPP Bearing Puller / Pusher with 100t Capacity.

• Mobile and easy to use by one person

• Pulling capacity (dismantling) adjustable to 100 tonne maximum.

• Pushing capacity (mounting) adjustable to 68 tonne maximum.

• Suitable for locomotives, passenger and freight cars.

• For safe, simple and fast mounting and dismounting of all Bearing types.

• Available with manual valve or solenoid valve.

• Wide range of accessories available

BETEX Specialist Rail Products

BETEX BPPS Side Shift Model.

Accessory sets are available in all sizes as well as metric and inch versions.
An accessory set consists of:

• Pulling shoe.

• Guide tube & cap screw Assembly.

• Installing tube adapter.

• Guide tube adapter.

BETEX Specialist Rail Products


Medium Frequency Induction technology by BETEX® offers secure, fast and damage-free solutions for assembly and disassembly work, ideal for use with bearings and labyrinth rings.Inductors may of the fixed or flexible type and are designed in conjunction with the end users specific requirements in mind.

For safe and controlled heating of critical and valuable components, this multifunctional induction heater is used for both mounting and dismounting. There is no limit to size or shape of components as the heaters work with either fixed or flexible hose-type inductors. The new generation heaters 3.0 combine the advantages of full control of your heating process with the latest technology such as a large touchscreen, smart electronics, logging of heating cycles, USB connection for software updates and dual temperature sensing (ΔT).

• Compact and easy to move around.

• Clean and quiet operation

• No residual magnetism, fire hazard, noise or polluting fumes

Suitable for use with Bearings, Labyrinth Seals, Bearing rings (NU NJ), sleeves, wheels, wheels rings and many, many other applications.

BETEX Specialist Rail Products

BETEX HWS 150 Wheel set assembly & disassembly press.

The Hydraulic Wheel set Press is a bespoke piece of equipment designed and manufactured to meet each client’s unique set of requirements. It can be used for both installation and removal of wheels on an axle and is also suitable for other parts like bearings, gears and brake discs.

• Pressing force: 150 tons

• Stroke: 460 mm

• Press cylinders on opposite sides

• With 2 adapter jaws for dismounting where little space is available

• Positioning of the wheelset by means of overhead crane

• Manual centering of the wheelset

• Flexible supports for the positioning the wheel set

• Automatic recording of the course of the force, stroke and speed for each mounting/dismounting job

• With remote control


Quality & Reliability
BETEX® Specialist Tools have a proven track record for reliability. Their sturdy styling and ergonomic design delivers sustained and problem-free operation in an industrial environment.

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