Bearing Heater Hire

Bearing Induction Heater Hire

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Induction heating is a swift, safe, controlled, environmentally-friendly alternative method to traditional heating such as ovens, oil baths, or blow torches. These methods cause smoke, fumes, and oil waste which are hazardous for personal health and safety.

Not just for Bearings!

BETEX® induction heaters can be used in conjunction with many assemblies including gear wheels, bushes, and couplings. Using Best Practice mounting methods extends bearing life, whilst balanced and consistent heating prevents any damage and allows retention of the original lubricant.

High Energy Efficiency

Induction heating is a more energy-efficient process than the older methods and all BETEX® induction heaters will deliver substantial energy savings.


Hire The 24RLDI TURBO Bearing Heater

Induction heater Betex 24 RLDi bearing


• 5 yokes, 7, 10, 14, 20, 40 mm
• Max. temperature 240°C (or F°)
• Magnetic probe till 240°C
• Suitable for horizontal and vertical heating
• Digital display
• Automatic demagnetization, to <2A/cm
• Time or temperature preselection
• Acoustic signal at the end of each heating cycle
• Temperature hold


Hire The BLF 203 Bearing Heater

induction heater BETEX BLF 203


Benchtop model with swivel arm
Easy to use
2 yokes 30, 70x80 mm
Temperature setting up to 240°C / 464°F
Magnetic temperature probe
Automatic demagnetization, better than 2A/cm
Acoustic signal at the end of each heating cycle
Temperature hold
Time setting in minutes/seconds


Hire The 40RSDm TURBO 400V Bearing Heater

Induction heater Betex 40 RSD bearing



• Extra powerful heater for components up to 350 kg!
• Suitable for horizontal and vertical heating
• With swivel arm
• benchtop & easy to use
• Electronically controlled power regulation
• Acoustic signal at the end of each heating cycle
• Push buttons for easy operation
• Digital display
• Incl. magnetic probe up to 240°C / 464 F (optional till 350°C/622°F))
• Automatic power reduction
• Ergonomic design for safe operation, handy rotating operating panel

Hire Rates & Options

Induction Heater Hire rates are per day / 24hrs.
• Rates vary depending on the heater model and Yokes required.
• Hire Periods of 5 days or more attract a 20% discount.
• Customers who hire an Induction Heater for a period of 20 working days or more have the ‘Option to Purchase’ for 20% of the RRP.

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